Library system improvements project

Young female student studying at the library

Proposed new Belle Haven community center and library

On December 16, 2019, Facebook submitted its proposal for exploring the funding and development of a new multi-generational community center and library at the current Onetta Harris Community Center, Menlo Park Senior Center and Belle Haven Youth Center (child care), near Kelly Park.

Additional details, including the dates of public meetings, presentations, documents and recordings are posted on the project webpage.

Belle Haven Library Space Needs Study - Complete

The City Council reviewed and accepted the completed Belle Haven Space Needs Assessment at their April 16, 2019, meeting. Thank you to all of the community members and stakeholders who gave their time and their valuable insights throughout the process.

Library Commission

The Library Commission will continue to review  and provide input throughout the Library System Improvements Project. The Commission meets on the third Monday of each month.

Belle Haven Final Space Needs Study cover image