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1. What if the rent amount increased over nine percent (9%) prior to November 12, 2019?
2. If a tenant moves out and the unit becomes vacant, can the rent be raised more than nine percent (9%)?
3. What is the difference between at-fault and no-fault just cause eviction?
4. What type of renter violations are included in an at-fault just cause eviction?
5. What type of renter violations are included in a no-fault just cause eviction?
6. When is the landlord/owner required to pay relocation assistance to the tenant?
7. What if a landlord/owner fails to pay relocation assistance?
8. How long does a landlord/owner have to issue relocation payment or rent waiver?
9. May the landlord/owner pay part of relocation assistance and part in rent waiver?
10. Are there organizations who can help me with legal concerns and questions?