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Menlo Park Senior Center

The Menlo Park Senior Center offers rentals for residents and non-residents. The center features a Lobby, Ballroom, Community Room, Imagination Room, Computer Lab and Poolside Patio. Additionally, the Senior Center is home to various programs and special events which have included luncheons, receptions, BBQs, picnics and fiestas.


The Menlo Park Senior Center is a focal point for local seniors, providing social, recreational, and educational activities. The lobby is an excellent place to come and socialize, read or knit. Seniors from all over enjoy the fine atmosphere, friendly staff and memorable residents who commune at our facility daily.


The Ballroom is an excellent location to hold your large event or social gathering. Large windows look-out over newly renovated Kelly Park and illuminate the room. Daily meals are subsidized by the City of Menlo Park and your donations. Meals are served at noon. Senior donations for regular meals are $2.50.
  • Capacity: 115 people

Community Room

Our Community Room is perfect for small meetings and intimate classes. This room is occasionally held as the site for our weekly brown bag through Second Harvest Food Bank.
  • Capacity: 30 people

Imagination Room

One of the most fascinating rooms is the Imagination Room. This room is used to display much of the artistic creativity that can be found in Menlo Park. Come and preview some of the work that has been created by our residents!
  • Capacity 30 people

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Proposed new Belle Haven community center and library

On December 16, 2019, Facebook submitted its proposal for exploring the funding and development of a new multi-generational community center and library at the site of the current Onetta Harris Community Center, Menlo Park Senior Center, Belle Haven Youth Center (child care) and Belle Haven Pool, near Kelly Park.

Additional details, including the dates of public meetings, presentations, documents and recordings are posted at