I live in an apartment complex that does not have any EV chargers. If I buy an electric vehicle, how can I charge it?

There are public, Level 2 charging stations in Menlo Park available for your use. Prices and availability may vary so make sure to check the station before heading out for a charge. Driving outside of Menlo Park? Check out this U.S. Department of Energy map to locate public charging stations nationwide.

In addition, under the current California Civil Code Section 4745 state law, tenants have the right to add EV charging infrastructure (including a standard household plug) at their rental property at their expense. As a tenant, knowing your rights and responsibilities puts you in the driver’s seat. You may can exercise your right to install an EV charging station in your parking space by submitting a written request to your landlord. The request should include:

  • Your plans for installation, use, maintenance, and removal of the charging station and related infrastructure;
  • The identification of a responsible party for compliance with state requirements and guidelines;
  • Requirements for insurance* for property damage and personal injury;
  • Complete financial analysis and scope of work for the charging station’s installation and infrastructure, supplied by you to your landlord; and
  • A statement of your understanding that it is your obligation to pay all costs of installation, electrical usage associated with charging station, maintenance, and repair costs.

*Your landlord cannot require you to pay for insurance if both of the following conditions apply:

NOTE: If you do not meet these two conditions, your landlord may pass along the cost of insurance to you. However, the law states that “the amount of insurance required may not exceed 10 times the annual rent charged.”

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