Can I afford an electric vehicle?

The sales price of a new electric vehicle (EVs) are trending downward. Overall, the total cost of EV ownership can be lower than comparable gasoline cars. Electric vehicles can also be affordably leased. Instead of being stopped by the initial price, consider these additional cost factors:

  1. Cheaper to fuel 
  2. Lower maintenance costs
    • EVs does not have oil, filters, belts, etc. to change.
  3. Available EV tax credits and rebates
  4. Increase number of used EVs coming to market
    • As new EV models are more readily available, used EVs are cheaper and may still have years of useful life
    • Executive Order N-79-2020 sets a state goal of banning the sale of new gas cars by 2035

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1. Can I afford an electric vehicle?
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4. The new electric vehicles are nice, but the selection seems limited to compact cars. Are there different types (SUV, trucks, luxury, vans, sports cars, etc.) of electric vehicles to serve my needs?
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