How is the level of review determined?

Typically, an initial study (IS) prepared by the lead agency is used to determine whether the appropriate CEQA document is a negative declaration (ND), a mitigated negative declaration (MND) or an environmental impact report (EIR). A ND is appropriate where all of the potential environmental impacts are less than significant.  A MND is appropriate where all potential environmental impacts can be mitigated to less than significant with the implementation of mitigation measures.  An EIR or full environmental review is only required where the proposed project could result in a significant and unavoidable adverse impact.

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1. What is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)?
2. What is the purpose of CEQA?
3. What are the different levels of CEQA review?
4. How is the level of review determined?
5. Why is an EIR being prepared for projects in the Bayfront Area when the ConnectMenlo General Plan EIR considered the potential environmental impacts from the land use changes?
6. How can the community get involved in the CEQA process?
7. What do the decision-makers do with the environmental document?
8. What are the steps in the EIR process?