How can I schedule a building inspection?

You can schedule an inspection by phone or online. To schedule an inspection by phone, please call 650-330-6704 during business hours and provide the following information: job address, inspection type, permit number and contact information.

For online scheduling, visit the online permit portal and follow these steps.

  1. Type in BLD permit number (record number) [Example: bld2020-00000 (five digits required after dash)]. 
  2. Click “search.”
  3. Click on “record info” then inspections on the drop down menu.
  4. Click on “schedule or request an inspection.”
  5. Schedule what type of inspection you would like and follow instructions.

*Please remember that each time you schedule an inspection, it is one 15-minute increment*  (i.e., you will need to schedule 4 inspections to secure a one-hour block)

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