Do I need to provide parking for my ADU?

Section 16.79.080 contains the parking requirements for ADUs. In most cases, one off-street parking space is required. However, no parking is required for the ADU if the ADU is:

  • Located within ½ mile walking distance of public transit;
  • Located within an architecturally and historically significant historic district;
  • An interior ADU;
  • Not eligible for on-street parking permits, but on-street permits are available; or
  • Within one block of a car share vehicle.

Please note, the City does not currently include historic districts and residents in single-family homes may only purchase temporary permits for on-street overnight parking, so exceptions b) and d) are not currently applicableIf developing an ADU or converting an accessory structure into an ADU results in inadequate parking at your property for the additional people occupying the property, you will not be exempt from the overnight parking prohibition nor other parking restrictions and may need to limit the number of vehicles at the property.

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