What are zero waste assessments? Why do I have to do them?

Zero waste assessments are educational trainings where experts in zero waste implementation/compliance come to your business or building to provide recommendations on how to reduce overall waste and reducing the amount of contamination in your recycling and organics that you are diverting. All applicants must complete a zero waste baseline assessment to measure your current diversion rate, identify your pounds per person per day of waste disposed, and obtain a final report with initial recommendations for achieving zero waste in your business/building. You must schedule and complete your baseline zero waste assessment within 12 months of occupancy.

If you meet the zero waste benchmarks, you will not have to complete another full zero waste assessment. However, if you do not meet the benchmarks, you will be notified by the city and need to schedule additional zero waste assessments in years 2023, 2026, 2029, 2032, and 2035 to help you achieve zero waste by 2035.

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2. Why do I have to complete these zero waste requirements?
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4. What are the city’s zero waste benchmarks?
5. What are zero waste assessments? Why do I have to do them?
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