What are the requirements?

Each type of building (New nonresidential development projects, Tenant Improvements 10,000 or more square feet, First Tenants in Applicable Zero Waste nonresidential development projects, and New multifamily Residential Development Projects) are subject to different requirements including solid waste enclosure requirements, zero waste infrastructure, Zero Waste Baseline Assessment, and subsequent Zero Waste Assessments. For more information on specific required strategies, please refer to the forms below:

New nonresidential development projects

First tenant in an applicable zero waste nonresidential development project

Tenant improvements of 10,000 or more square feet

Multifamily development projects

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1. Who do these requirements apply to?
2. Why do I have to complete these zero waste requirements?
3. What are the requirements?
4. What are the city’s zero waste benchmarks?
5. What are zero waste assessments? Why do I have to do them?
6. Where can I find a list of city-approved assessors for my zero waste baseline assessment?
7. What happens if I do not meet my zero waste benchmarks?