Why do I have to complete these zero waste requirements?

In 2016, the City Council adopted the General Plan Land Use and Circulation Elements and Zoning Ordinance Update (commonly referred to as ConnectMenlo) and subsequently rezoned properties in the Bayfront Area from M-2 (General Industrial) to O (Office), LS (Life Science), and R-MU (Residential, multifamily). The new zoning districts include robust green and sustainability requirements, including the requirement that projects prepare a zero waste plan, with the goal of achieving a 90 percent diversion rate for all nonhazardous materials. These requirements help applicants reach the city’s zero waste goal of 90 percent diversion by 2035 and the interim benchmarks to ensure that zero waste is achieved by 2035.

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1. Who do these requirements apply to?
2. Why do I have to complete these zero waste requirements?
3. What are the requirements?
4. What are the city’s zero waste benchmarks?
5. What are zero waste assessments? Why do I have to do them?
6. Where can I find a list of city-approved assessors for my zero waste baseline assessment?
7. What happens if I do not meet my zero waste benchmarks?