How and when will I be notified if a shutoff becomes necessary?

Help PG&E reach you quickly

PG&E uses the contact information associated with your PG&E account to reach you. So, as a first step to keep you and your family safe, please make sure PG&E has your correct email address, landline number and mobile number. If your landlord or property manager is the PG&E account holder for your address, they will receive notifications on your behalf. PG&E encourages you to contact your landlord or property manager to confirm they know how to reach you and that they will share power shutoff information with you as needed.

How you'll be notified

PG&E will attempt to reach you through all contact methods you’ve provided to them. You could receive duplicate notifications by phone, email or text. PG&E’s goal is to leverage all available contact info to get you this important information and allow you time to prepare your home or business.

PG&E will also use social media channels and keep local news and radio outlets informed and updated.

Timing of notifications

If PG&E needs to turn off your power for safety, their state goal is to provide advance notifications in three phases:

1. Advance notification (when possible)

  • 48 hours before electricity is turned off
  • 24 hours before electricity is turned off
  • Shutoff notification just before electricity is turned off

NOTE: Due to the focus on safety, the shutoff notification will be sent at any time, day or night. PG&E will aim to send all other notifications between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. However, extreme weather threats can change quickly, and there may be some instances when notifications may be sent outside of those hours in the interest of safety.

2. During the public safety outage

3. Once power has been restored

NOTE: If you need help to understand this important message in languages other than English, please call for Chinese 1-800-893-9555, Spanish 1-800-660-6789 or Vietnamese 1-800-298-8438.

Visit PG&E's website for more information

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