I am a medical baseline customer and/or I have special medical needs. Will my power be shut off?

If PG&E needs to turn off an electric line for safety, all customers who receive power from that line would be affected. Emergency facilities such as hospitals and fire and police stations typically use generators to remain open. 

A Public Safety Power Shutoff could last for several days. If you have special needs that require electricity, PG&E asks that you have an emergency plan in place. Be ready to act if you are notified by PG&E that a shutoff is imminent. Keep emergency phone numbers handy and plan for a backup location you can relocate to, if necessary. Check with local authorities via their website or social media regarding available resources.

If you are a Medical Baseline customer, please know that PG&E will make every effort to notify you of a shutoff before it occurs:

  • Outreach will be done through automated calls, texts and emails.
  • If PG&E doesn’t speak to you or a family member directly, or receive confirmation of the email or text it sends, PG&E will follow up with a phone call.
  • If a phone call is not successful, PG&E will attempt to notify you in person at your address.

For questions, call 1-800-743-5000.

Visit PG&E's website for more information

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5. I am a medical baseline customer and/or I have special medical needs. Will my power be shut off?
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