Which customers are most likely to have their power turned off?

The most likely electric lines to be considered for a public safety power outage will be those that pass through areas that have been designated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) High Fire-Threat District map at elevated (Tier 2) or extreme risk (Tier 3) for wildfire. Customers outside of these areas could have their power shut off, though, if their community relies upon a line that passes through a high fire-threat area. PG&E wants all of its customers to be prepared for possible public safety power outages.

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1. How will PG&E determine the need to turn off power for safety?
2. Which customers are most likely to have their power turned off?
3. How often will these public safety power shutoffs occur?
4. Why would power be shut off in a community not experiencing strong winds?
5. I am a medical baseline customer and/or I have special medical needs. Will my power be shut off?
6. How and when will I be notified if a shutoff becomes necessary?
7. Do I have to opt in to these alerts?
8. Can I opt out of these alerts?
9. During what hours of the day will these alerts be sent?
10. Why are there so many alerts being sent?
11. How long will my power be out if PG&E calls a public safety power shutoff?
12. When will my power be restored?
13. Will I be compensated for food spoilage or other losses?
14. What do I need in my emergency preparedness plan?
15. Do I need to sign up to get public safety power shutoff alerts?