Where are the requirements located?

The requirements are amendments to the CALGreen Building Standards Code, Chapter 12.18 of the Menlo Park Municipal Code. Clarifications on zoning implementation can be found in the off-street parking section of the Zoning Ordinance, section 16.72.010. The residential and nonresidential EV charging requirement handouts and other information can be found on the EV Charger webpage.

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1. What is an EV charging space (EV space)?
2. What is EVSE?
3. When are EV chargers required?
4. Where are EV Chargers allowed?
5. Are EV spaces counted as parking spaces?
6. Can I convert my accessible parking spaces into accessible EV spaces?
7. What permits are needed?
8. What information needs to be provided for building permit applications for new EV chargers?
9. What fees are associated with EV chargers?
10. Where are the requirements located?