What is an EV charging space (EV space)?

EV charging spaces, or EV spaces, are parking spaces designated for the future installation of EV charging equipment (or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)). Requirements for what needs to be provided with EV spaces vary depending on whether they are part of a residential or nonresidential development, and whether the project is new construction or a modification to an existing building. The table below provides a high-level overview of the differences. Please refer to the residential and nonresidential requirement handouts and the EV chargers webpage  for details.

Conduit and electrical panel space required?Wiring required?Minimum EV space dimensions*
New single-family residential and duplexesYesNon/a
New multifamily residential (3+ units)YesYes9 ft. x 18 ft
New commercial (10,000 sq.ft. and up)YesYesSame as non-EV, dependent on angle of approach
Commercial additions/alterations (10,000 sq.ft. and up)YesNoSame as non-EV, dependent on angle of approach

*Please review the Parking Stall & Driveway Design Guidelines handout for additional information regarding minimum parking stall dimensions.  

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1. What is an EV charging space (EV space)?
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