How do I renew a LINK+ item?

Most Link+ books can be renewed once if they are not in demand, and if the lending library's policy allows it.  

You can attempt to renew through the online catalog using the following steps: 

• Log in to your library account. 

• Click on “Checked Out”. Your checked out items will be listed. 

• Select the item(s) you wish to renew by checking the box beside the title. You cannot renew items any sooner than 3 days before and no later than 2 days after the original due date. 

• Click the “Renew Selected” button. This does not automatically renew your item(s) but rather forwards a renewal request to the loaning library on your behalf. You must check your library account at a later time to see if the renewal request has been approved. 

• The item you’ve requested to be renewed will have one of these statuses: 1. A New Due Date – Your renewal has been approved. 2. Renewal Pending - Your request is still in process. Please check again at a later date. 3. Renewal Denied - Your renewal request was not approved. Please return the item(s) by the original due date to avoid the $1 per day overdue fee. 

Note: It may take several minutes for the LINK+ software to confirm your renewal. LINK+ items may not be renewed more than once, nor may they be renewed if someone else has requested them.

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