How do I use LINK+?

• Search for a book in the Menlo Park Library catalog at

• If your search results show that the book is unavailable at any of the Peninsula Library System libraries, click on “Try your search in LINK+” on your search results page.

• When you locate the item in the LINK+ catalog, click the “Request” button. 

• You will be asked, “With which institution are you affiliated?” Click the down arrow, select “Menlo Park Public Library”, and click the “Submit above information” button. 

• Enter your name (first and last), and your Menlo Park Library card number (all 14 digits, starting with 29044). 

• Select your pick-up location (Menlo Park - Main Library, Menlo Park – Belle Haven) and click the “Submit” button. You will see a confirmation message that your request was placed.

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2. How do I use LINK+?
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