What is LINK+?

LINK+ is a consortium of more than 50 public and academic libraries in California and Nevada that enables you to search its catalog and borrow member libraries' books.

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1. What is LINK+?
2. How do I use LINK+?
3. What does it cost to request a book?
4. How many LINK+ items can I borrow?
5. How long does it take for a LINK+ request to arrive?
6. How can I check the status of my LINK+ request?
7. How do I know when my LINK+ requests arrive at the library?
8. How long is a LINK+ item held for me to pick up?
9. How long can I borrow LINK+ items?
10. Where do I pick up, check out, and return my LINK+ items?
11. How do I renew a LINK+ item?
12. What are the fees for overdue, lost, or damaged items?
13. How do I cancel a LINK+ request?