What are the weight tag requirements?

Weight tags accepted by the City of Menlo Park require the following:

  • Uploaded images must be of the original weight tags issued by Recycling Certification Institute (RCI) certified facility (greenhalosystems.com or recyclingcertification.org).
  • All weight tag images must be legible. The facility, tag number, weight, unit, and city of origin must all be readable.
  • Each weight tag must list Menlo Park as the city of origin. 
  • The material weight with units must be listed on each tag. 
  • Tags submitted for salvage and reuse must be included material type, usage, facility (if applicable) and weight.
  • A separate weight tags is required for each job site. To receive recycling credit, debris from separate project addresses cannot be delivered to the recycling facility in the same truck. 
  • Weight tags can only be submitted once. The same weight tag cannot be submitted for multiple project addresses or for both the construction and demolition portions of a project at a single address. 
  • Facility tags (and deposit request forms) must be submitted separately for each deposit (this includes construction and demolition portions of a project at a single address).
  • Recycling Certification Institute (RCI) certified facilities may not use material for alternative daily cover (ADC).

It is the responsibility of the requestor to obtain the proper documentation from the salvage or recycling facility. Check your weight tags before leaving the facility. If any information is incorrect ask the facility weight master to issue a revised weight tag with the correct information.

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