What issues have already been identified?
As the Specific Plan Area has begun to redevelop, the community, the Bicycle, Transportation and Planning Commissions, and City Council have raised concerns about the functionality of El Camino Real to serve multi-modal transportation users safely and efficiently. Key issues raised have included:

1. Occurrence of congested conditions and delay to motorists, transit vehicles, and emergency vehicles during peak commute hours;
2. Occurrence of a bottleneck for vehicular traffic in the northbound direction, where El Camino Real, Sand Hill Road, and Alma Street (six total lanes) feed traffic to El Camino Real, which drops from three to two lanes at Ravenswood Avenue-Menlo Avenue;
3. Ability to serve local traffic and connect local businesses, including provision of on-street parking;
4. Safety of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians traveling along and across El Camino Real;
5. Barriers to vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians attempting to cross El Camino Real;
6. Prevalence of motorists making U-turns at Cambridge Avenue;
7. Comfort of bicyclists traveling on El Camino Real, and bicyclists’ need to access local destinations in the corridor; and
8. Designation of El Camino Real as a Class II bike lane/minimum Class III bike route facility in the Specific Plan.

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1. What is the El Camino Real Corridor Study?
2. Why is the study being done?
3. What issues have already been identified?
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