What is the El Camino Real Corridor Study?
The City of Menlo Park’s El Camino Real Corridor Study will review and recommend potential transportation and safety improvements to El Camino Real, making it safer and more efficient to move along and across El Camino for all modes of travel: pedestrians, bicycles, automobiles, and transit. The purpose of this study is to identify potential reconfiguration alternatives, and evaluate the feasibility and potential impacts (adverse and beneficial) of up to three of these alternatives to improve multi-modal transportation along the corridor. This study will consider possible modifications to allow for the addition of a bicycle lane or an additional through lane, for a total of three lanes in each direction between Sand Hill Road and Encinal Avenue. Impacts to traffic, active transportation, safety, parking and aesthetics will be addressed as part of the evaluation. In summary, within the limited right-of-way available, this study will assess safety, efficiency and convenience trade-offs between motorists and bicyclists on El Camino Real between Sand Hill Road and Encinal Avenue.

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1. What is the El Camino Real Corridor Study?
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