Do I have to plant a replacement tree?

The overall goal of the Heritage Tree Ordinance’s replacement requirement is to ensure continued canopy cover is maintained or increased. Ideally, the replacement tree(s) should replace the removed canopy cover in a period of approximately 15 to 20 years.

The City provides a list of recommended trees in the administrative guidelines, but here are other options:

  1. Visit Cal Poly’s SelecTree webpage to help select a replacement tree and fill in at least these characteristics:
    • Mature height must be greater or equal to 35 feet; and
    • Select the “California Native” option
  2. Confirm on UC Davis’s Water Use Classification of Landscape Species webpage that the selected replacement tree’s water usage is either very low, low, or moderate/medium.
  3. Confirm the selected tree has an overall desirability of 4 or less as defined in the Western Chapter International Society of Arboriculture: Species Classification and Group Assignment, 2004, or the most current edition. Your project arborist may have a copy of the book.

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