What if I still can't connect?
Please try the following steps:
  1. Does it work for others in your area of the library? If yes, continue with #2. If no, please tell library staff. You may have to move to another part of the library where reception is better until the problem is fixed.
  2. Check that your wireless card is set to use automatic addressing (DHCP). It might not be set this way if you use other specific Wi-Fi network settings when at home or work.
  3. Check that your wireless card is turned on. Many laptops provide a switch or keyboard combination to turn the wireless card on/off.
  4. Check if Windows is preventing you from automatically connecting. Windows may detect the network, but will not connect until you tell it to do so. (This is especially true when it detects an "unsecured" network, like at Menlo Park Library.)
  5. Try temporarily disabling your firewall software, and see if there is any change. If so, you may have to change the firewall settings to allow the wireless connection. (You should not leave the firewall turned off while browsing the Internet.)
  6. In Windows Network Connections, if you see an IEEE 1394 connection, try disabling it (right click, disable).
  7. If you are using an iPad or MacBook with Safari browser, try opening another browser (if you have it) and typing in the URL mentioned in question #1.

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