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Dec 18

Belle Haven Traffic Study

Posted on December 18, 2017 at 5:53 pm by Clay Curtin

By: Angela Obeso

Electronic traffic data collection equipment and crew members have been dispersed throughout the Belle Haven Neighborhood for the last few weeks in an effort to collect comprehensive traffic data for the upcoming Belle Haven Traffic Calming Study. This traffic counting effort will continue until end of this week and the study will commence shortly after the data has been reviewed. 

The City is conducting a traffic calming study to address cut-through traffic concerns in the Belle Haven neighborhood through the use of traffic calming measures. Typically, cut-through traffic refers to trips generated outside of a pre-defined area and traveling through to a destination outside of the area. To counter this type of driving behavior, traffic calming measures such as education, enforcement, and physical structures are often recommended and implemented as possible solutions. This study is evaluating the existing cut-through traffic patterns and routes and will evaluate possible solutions. A kick-off community meeting was held in May and additional meetings will be held as the project progresses. 

For more information about the Belle Haven Traffic Study, please check out the City's project webpage. Please send your questions and/or comments, to the City’s Transportation Division at 650-330-6770 or email the Transportation Division.

Belle Haven Traffic Study