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Oct 26

Winter Preparation of the Atherton Channel complete

Posted on October 26, 2017 at 4:54 pm by Meghan Revolinsky

By: Brian Henry

Public Works maintenance staff worked the previous two weekends (Oct. 14,15 and 21,22) preparing for the upcoming winter weather. In partnership with maintenance staff from Redwood City, crews cleaned the Atherton Channel along Haven Avenue. This annual maintenance is performed to increase the volume of the channel and to remove potential obstructions from the waterway. Under the permit requirements of the Department of Fish and Wildlife, a biologist supervised crews as they removed 320 cubic yards of vegetation and debris including weeds, brush and tree limbs. In addition to the Atherton Channel, staff also completed annual maintenance on the O’Brien Ditch near O’Brien Drive. The work performed on both of these drainages will reduce the potential for localized flooding and ensure stormwater can flow freely into the bay. Staff is monitoring weather forecasts and by mid-November three sandbag stations will be maintained at the following locations:
  1. The median island at Pope Street and Laurel Avenue
  2. The Burgess Park parking lot at Alma Street and Burgess Drive
  3. The Menlo Park Fire Station at 1467 Chilco Street.
Annual Maintenance of the Atherton Channel Complete