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Apr 18

Police employees engage in resilience immersion training

Posted on April 18, 2017 at 9:46 am by Guillermo Aranda

By: Nicole Acker

In June 2016, through the City Manager’s Office, Mayor Kirsten Keith (then Vice Mayor) and Chief Bob Jonsen met to discuss the value of Mindfulness training for law enforcement in light of recent national discussions in regards to the disconnect of the relationship between law enforcement and the public. Chief Jonsen followed up with the Mayor’s suggestions and met with law enforcement professionals regarding mindfulness training for police agencies. 

Police officers and professional staff participated in a two and half day mindfulness training class this past weekend. “Resilience Immersion Training” is geared toward law enforcement employees and offers a deep exploration into the science and experience of mindfulness as it relates to resiliency and fostering compassion for self and others. The training was facilitated by Richard Goerling and Brian Shiers.

Jonsen, a police executive, believes it is essential that we provide our personnel with the best resources and training so they can live healthy lives physically, mentally and emotionally. Agencies have always provided stress management training and resources, but he believes the time has come to look for another approach to this on-going issue. In all the training he has received during his career, he believes Mindfulness training is undoubtedly the most powerful practice we can give our personnel so they cannot only survive the stressors of the profession, but thrive in all aspects of their lives!

Police employees engage in resilience immersion training