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Aug 05

Fremont Park grass reseeding follows Aug. 10 summer concert

Posted on August 5, 2016 at 8:17 pm by Clay Curtin

Folks attending the summer concerts at Fremont Park may not have noticed yet, but thanks to the easing of watering restrictions, the City resumed watering the small amount of lawn remaining at Fremont Park. Although some sprinklers are still turned off near the stage area, watering is occurring. After the Aug. 10 summer concert, the park will be temporarily closed for complete reseeding and lawn rejuvenation. The mulched area around the “holiday tree” will remain mulched for some time, as it helps create organic material and protect the soil around the tree and maintain its health. Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we slowly recover park lawn spaces which suffered greatly during the strict watering restrictions due to the drought.

Fremont Park Summer Concert