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Apr 16

Routine street tree pruning and maintenance in progress

Posted on April 16, 2016 at 6:33 pm by Clay Curtin

Regular, scheduled tree maintenance is an important component of a healthy urban forest. West Coast Arborists, Inc. is the City’s contractor hired to maintain street trees on a 5-year cycle throughout our many neighborhoods. Maintenance includes a visual inspection of each street tree, pruning for vehicle and pedestrian clearance, cleaning large dead wood, addressing structural defects like rubbing limbs or overextended branches, young tree structural pruning and the removal of ivy and support stakes.

Benefits of this proactive tree maintenance include improved tree health, reduced maintenance costs and reduced risk. Currently the City's tree crews are working in the area bounded by Santa Cruz Avenue, University Avenue, Middle Avenue and Cloud Avenue.

The City’s efforts are separate and apart from PG&E’s maintenance of trees near power lines. If you see work being done in Menlo Park by Utility Tree Service, Inc., or other contractors, it is typically at the direction of PG&E or private individuals.

Tree maintenance
The City's contractor is West Coast Arborists, Inc.