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Sep 20

Menlo Park management staff workshop

Posted on September 20, 2015 at 11:43 pm by Nicole Acker

The City of Menlo Park has experienced more than normal turnover of management staff recently. In the last two months, four members of senior management have left the City due to retirement or opportunities in other cities. The vacant director positions are in Public Works, Finance, and Human Resources and the Assistant City Manager position. Turnover in an organization of the City's size is normal, but the current economic conditions have led to almost unprecedented local job growth and competition for top management talent. As a result, it is likely that the current vacancies will take a little while to fill. With that in mind, City Manager Alex McIntyre has worked quickly to identify interim management staff to ensure service continuity for the residents of Menlo Park.

As part of ensuring this service continuity, the City Manager has scheduled a one-day management staff workshop this week to help the management staff gel. The work sessions will focus on stabilizing the organization, recruiting for permanent positions, and maintaining focus on making progress on the City Council's goals. This workshop will act as a mini teambuilding to bring the city management team together, reinforce the commitment to service delivery, and strategize on constructing a better external and internal service model.