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Jul 12

Summer learning at full speed in the library

Posted on July 12, 2015 at 1:04 am by Clay Curtin

The library’s summer learning program is now in its third week with lots of fun activities for children, teens and adults. So far registration is well over 600 participants with children taking the challenge of learning more in the summer through a combination of reading and fun activities, like the bilingual musical performance by Cascada de Flores. Weekly prizes and special entertainment and activities keep them motivated to continue in the program. The teens also have special craft programs and the summer book club which features books that have been made into movies. For adults it’s the opportunity to play Library Bingo (and win prizes!), learn how to cook Indian cuisine like dosa, idli and uttappam, hear a live performance of traditional music from Indonesia and much more. The library is always a lively place in the warm summer months. 

Summer Learning 2015