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Jun 21

Police officers recognized by the Elks Lodge for their valor

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 12:16 am by Clay Curtin

There are several opportunities to recognize law enforcement officers throughout the year. Among them is the Elks Lodge Public Safety Night, which was held Wednesday, June 17. Along with several other officers and firefighters throughout San Mateo County, Menlo Park’s Sergeant Jaime Romero, Sergeant Scott Mackdanz and Corporal Nicholas Douglas were acknowledged for their act of valor which occurred November 11, 2014. Police officers are called upon every day to carry out the mission of safeguarding life and property and protecting our community. While most days can pass with little threat, an officer must always be on alert to the possible dangers that can transpire. Officers are exposed to situations that would cause most to recoil and they are looked upon to make rapid decisions that restore order and quality of life during those same circumstances. Menlo Park’s police department is proud to recognize these officers for their bravery and ability to carry out their mission as a police officer.

Elks Award 2015
Sergeant Scott Mackdanz, Commander William Dixon, and Corporal Nicholas Douglas