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May 24

City beekeeping program highlighted in arborist industry journal

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 12:42 am by Clay Curtin

The City’s beekeeping program was recently highlighted in the current edition of City Trees, the Journal of the Society of Municipal Arborists. The article highlights the training and work of staff from the public works department respond to numerous bee-related calls each year. Staff responds to each location with the proper beekeeping equipment to safely capture and relocate the swarms to their new hives at the City's apiary, located at the public works corporation yard. In 2014, Menlo Park's beekeeping program was awarded the Tree City USA Growth Award by the Arbor Day Foundation. Due to the symbiotic relationship between trees and bees, municipal arborists are often the first to respond with a swarm moves through a community. The relocation and protection of local honeybees is one of the many environmentally friendly practices of the city’s integrated pest management policy. To view the entire article, please pages 19-20 of the May/June 2015 issue.

City Trees cover image