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Apr 25

How your local property tax money is distributed

Posted on April 25, 2015 at 10:09 pm by Clay Curtin

The property tax rate is set at 1% of a property’s assessed valuation. A common question, which came up recently at a City Council meeting, was how much of that 1% the City of Menlo Park receives. The 1% amount is split amongst a number of different taxing entities, several of which receive a larger share than the City receives itself. While the City’s share is approximately 12%, the County receives 24%, the elementary schools receive 17%, and the high school district and the Menlo Park Fire Protection District receive 16% each. The remaining 15% is split up amongst agencies such as the community college district, the county harbor district, and the mosquito and vector control district. The City of Menlo Park utilizes its share of the distribution of property tax to fund services such as police, library, and parks maintenance, just to name a few.

Property tax allocations