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Jul 19

$1,250 for Solar + Backup battery rebate for San Mateo county residents

Posted on July 19, 2021 at 9:24 pm by Clay Curtin

Peninsula Clean Energy is offering a payment of $1,250 to residents of San Mateo County who install solar panels with battery backup power. The Power On Peninsula program helps residents maintain power during grid outages while moving the county toward 100 percent renewable energy. Participants will also benefit from solar power and have the opportunity to sell any excess generation back to the grid. 

Peninsula Clean Energy is working with Sunrun, a leading provider of residential solar and backup battery systems. Sunrun will design, install and maintain the solar electric system and backup batteries. The panels charge the batteries by day, and they provide backup power in case of a grid shutdown. 


  • Helps maintain power during grid outages
  • Advances clean power over fossil fuel, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creates local electricity production capacity
  • Provides a community electric storage network that increases resiliency, helps stabilize prices, and enables us to move to 100 percent renewable energy

Peninsula Clean Energy provides clean electricity generation to 97 percent of the residents in San Mateo County at lower rates than PG&E, while investing in the community.