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May 03

Share the road and “go safely” during bicycle safety month

Posted on May 3, 2021 at 7:38 pm by Clay Curtin

The weather is warming up, and we will see more bicyclists on the road. We encourage bicycle riding as it not only is an exercise benefit, bicycling is a great way to commute to work and school, and just a great way to get around. May is both National Bike Month and National Bicycle Safety Month.

Motorists and bicyclists are sharing the roads now more than ever. Motorists must allow bicyclists enough space. California law requires drivers to give at least 3 feet of space when passing a bicyclist. We are providing some safety and awareness tips to help keep bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians safe as provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  • Go with the flow of traffic
  • Use lights from dusk to dawn: Front white light and rear red flashing light or reflectors to make yourself more visible
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Bicyclists must travel in the same direction of traffic and have the same requirements as any slow moving vehicle
  • Watch for parked cars who may be pulling out or opening a door
  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping
  • Leave room between your vehicle and bicyclists on the road; if you need to pass, give them enough space in case they make any unexpected movement and if possible, change into another lane when passing a cyclist
  • Before making a left or right turn, check not only for other vehicles but also for bicycles
  • If you drive on a road that has designated bicycle lanes, respect them; do not park in them or use them to pass another vehicle
  • When maneuvering around parking lots—pulling out of a parking space or turning corners—be aware of cyclists
  • Always yield to bicyclists, even if you have the right of way; remember that you are more protected in a vehicle than they are on a bike
  • Keep in mind that at night it can be hard to spot cyclists; in fact, most bicyclist deaths happen between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Stay within the posted speed limit; lower speeds give you more time to react in case a cyclist does something unexpected
We encourage motorists and bicyclists to stay alert and be courteous. Happy riding!