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Mar 22

Celebrate World Water Day 2021

Posted on March 22, 2021 at 6:33 pm by Clay Curtin

World Water Day, March 22, 2021, is about what water means to people, its true value and how we can better protect this vital resource. The theme of World Water Day 2021 is valuing water. The value of water is about much more than its economic value – water has enormous and complex value for our households, food, culture, health, education, economics and the integrity of our natural environment. 

Water is a precious resource, one that has to be managed to ensure our natural supply remains available for future generations. We ask residents to ensure they are not wasting water by regularly checking your property for water leaks. Follow these simple steps to detect a water leak on your property. Efficient water use helps meet current and future needs, results in cost savings, decreases energy use and helps preserve the environment. 

We are committed to being a high quality, reliable water supplier. To achieve this commitment, several projects and essential services are underway:  
  • Water Quality sampling: In order to maintain safe water quality, MPMW performs weekly, quarterly, and annual testing as required to meet regulatory safe drinking water standards. The 2021 Water Quality Report will be available in July 2021. View the 2020 Water Quality Report
  • The Urban Water Management Plan, which includes the Water Shortage Contingency Plan, are a critical part of meeting the long-range water supply needs of Menlo Park Municipal Water customers for both normal and dry year weather conditions. As we face increasingly unpredictable climate patterns, the new state planning requirements ensure we will be prepared for various scenarios and continue to be a reliable and dependable water supplier. A draft of the Urban Water Management Plan and associated Water Shortage Contingency Plan will soon be available for public review. Please visit the Urban Water Management Plan webpage for more information. 
  • The Emergency Water Storage/Supply project will provide emergency water for residents and businesses located north and east of El Camino Real (the lower zone). The first emergency well, located at the City’s Corporation Yard, was completed in November 2020 and is pending State Water Board approval. Please visit the Emergency Water Supply webpage for more information.
Menlo Park Municipal Water provides an essential service that is unknown to most customers. The typical day for a consumer can be summed up in typical tasks such as cooking, cleaning or watering green spaces. The most important water consumed is for drinking, showering and washing hands. Most of the time we use water little thought of how the water gets to your home. Behind the scene there are essential workers managing the water system.

The water maintenance team are the essential workers that manage water quality and quantity that makes distribution possible for all customers. They help with water line breaks, water system improvements, water main flushing (water quality) and water sampling (water quality) to name just a few.

For more information on our water programs and services, visit the Menlo Park Municipal Water webpage.