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Mar 06

Drivers: Slowing down by just 5 mph makes a big difference to children walking and biking

Posted on March 6, 2021 at 2:07 pm by Clay Curtin

More and more students are walking and biking to school. With your help, we can help our children feel safe and comfortable on their way to school. Here are a few tips for a safer drive: 
  • Watch for children on bikes coming from driveways
    Look for bicyclists entering your travel lane from driveways and behind parked cars, and go slowly so you can stop quickly if children turn without looking or signaling.
  • Avoid dooring and protect bicyclists
    Look around you and check your side mirrors before opening your door. Be extra careful in school zones and residential neighborhoods. "Dooring" refers to a collision where a bicyclist rides into a vehicle’s door or when a bicyclist changes his trajectory to avoid a door that was opened quickly by the driver or a passage. 
  • Practice the “Dutch Reach” to open your door
    The Dutch Reach consists in using your far hand to open the car door. Reaching across for the door handle forces the driver or the passenger to swivel and automatically look out and back for bikes and traffic.
  • Slow down and keep your distance
    Slow down and give people biking plenty of space when passing. California law prescribes 3 feet minimum when passing a bicycle riding in the same direction (Cal. Veh. Code Art. III)
Speed is directly related to crash severity and is also a likely factor in crash causation. Just a 5 or 10 mph difference in speed can greatly affect a vehicle’s stopping distance and reduce injury severity in the event that pedestrians are struck by a car. 

Help up reducing the barriers children face getting to school and reduces stress for families!

Child rides bike in bike lane