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Feb 22

Engineers Week celebrates those who keep our cities running

Posted on February 22, 2021 at 8:25 pm by Clay Curtin

The City of Menlo Park is excited to take part in National Engineers Week, Feb. 21–27. Engineers Week is a time to celebrate and congratulate engineering accomplishments. Menlo Park's city engineers are responsible for reviewing the development projects, managing the city’s capital improvement projects, utilities and transportation systems.

Development project engineers
  • Ensure private development activities follow the city's required standards and conditions
  • Manage encroachment permits in the public right of way
  • Ensure that public infrastructure meets city standards and regulatory requirements
Capital improvement project engineers
  • Assess infrastructure needs annually
  • Create a proposed five-year improvement plan and budget for City Council approval
  • Help construct and maintain city infrastructure such as parks, streets and facilities
Utility engineers
  • Ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to Menlo Park Municipal Water customers
  • Meet stormwater regulations
  • Manage the closed landfill at Bedwell Bayfront Park
Transportation engineers
  • Keep traffic signals and streetlights working
  • Plan and construct new multimodal transportation projects
This week is a call to recognize those who work on these important public projects, including some recent ones
  • Pierce Road Sidewalk project: by adding sidewalks to Pierce Road, this creates a safer path by installing ADA-compliant sidewalks, curb ramps and driveways. 
  • Santa Cruz Avenue and Middle Avenue Street Rehabilitation project: consists of pavement rehabilitation including asphalt overlay, construction of new curb and gutter, driveways, sidewalks and ADA curb ramps.
  • Water Main Replacement project: is a recurring project that replaces old pipelines ensuring that the City’s water lines are up to standards. 
  • Corporation Yard Emergency Well project: installation of a new backup well facility to provide an emergency water supply for 3,000 city customers. 
These are four of the many project our City engineers are working on to create a safer and vibrant community.