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Jan 25

Use the Field Condition Hotline to check field status during the rainy season

Posted on January 25, 2021 at 8:29 pm by Clay Curtin

We know we’ve had a bout of good weather these past few weeks, but know the rainy season will soon be on the way. Public Works closely monitors the condition of the sports fields during the rainy season. The fields are closed whenever a ½ inch or more of rain has fallen in the previous 24 hours. During inclement weather, the fields are temporarily closed to prevent damage and to alleviate safety concerns.

The Field Condition Hotline is 650-330-2590. Users are encouraged to call the Field Condition Hotline to check the field status before heading out for practice. If field and/or weather conditions are expected to change, the fields will be re-evaluated and the Field Condition Hotline will be updated as necessary. When the fields are closed, park maintenance staff places field-closed signs as needed. These signs are to help inform the general public. However, the Field Condition Hotline always governs whether the fields are open or closed.