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Jan 11

Imagine what’s possible when we support youth and start mentoring others

Posted on January 11, 2021 at 1:58 pm by Clay Curtin

January is National Mentoring Month and focuses national attention on the need for mentors, as well as how each of us—individuals, businesses, government agencies, schools, faith communities and nonprofits—can work together to increase the number of mentors to help ensure positive outcomes for our young people and other around us daily. 

Mentoring is a relationship formed between a mentor/coach and mentee/individual with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise between the two. A mentor is a coach, guide, tutor, facilitator, counselor and trusted adviser. A mentor is someone willing to spend his or her time and expertise to guide the development of another person. Research shows that mentor programs allow many benefits to youth.

Youth benefits:
  • Emotional and psychological
  • Benefits problem and high-risk behaviors
  • They build more trusts and are able to communicate better
  • Helps with their education and getting better grades
  • Help with their future careers and employment
  • Typically the want to become a mentor to someone else someday
Mentoring in the workplace benefits:
  • Better communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Exposure to new ideas and way of thinking
  • Career information and advice, guidance and coaching
  • Professional industry knowledge
  • Increases confidence
Mentors are need all-around us and can be so beneficial for everyone involved. This month, celebrating the power of relationships and reflect on the growth of the mentoring program. It has so many positive effects on youth development and professional development. Look into volunteering as a mentor or start a mentoring program at your work.