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Mar 24

Don't spread coronavirus rumors or misinformation, get the facts

Posted on March 24, 2020 at 6:27 pm by Clay Curtin

Rumors can easily circulate within communities during a crisis. Please remember to rely on official sources for accurate information. Always go to trusted sources of information like or official state, county and city government websites or social media accounts for instructions and information specific to your community.

Before you say something about COVID-19, make sure it is not misinformation. Help control the spread of rumors by visiting this page:

These are some of the myths, we have been hearing about:

The military has been activated in preparation for a national lockdown.

Thursday, March 19, Governor Gavin Newsom announced the activation of the California National Guard in a limited capacity. All National Guard members have been alerted for possible activation, but only about 500 have been activated statewide. They anticipate activating more in the near future. The activation is solely to support a humanitarian mission that includes food distribution and potential alternative medical treatment sites. The activation is NOT for law enforcement support or martial law.

Supply chains are collapsing and we need to stockpile groceries and supplies whenever we can.

Freight flows and distributions have not been disrupted. Consumer demand for certain products has been extremely high, especially for groceries, household cleaning and healthcare products. Stores just need time to restock. You may have seen hours at local stores being reduced to allow store staff more time to restock overnight.

The shelter-in-place order means you cannot go outside for exercise.

You can go outside. Exercise is considered “essential” and both state and county health orders allow for this and other essential activities provided people follow social distancing requirements. Social distancing means physical distancing, keeping 6 feet between you and other people outside of your immediate family unit.