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Jan 06

Biennial community survey process begins Jan. 8

Posted on January 6, 2020 at 9:31 pm by Clay Curtin

Menlo Park has conducted a community survey of resident perceptions of city services for many years. The City has contracted with Godbe Research to conduct this survey, similar to previous years.

Godbe uses a hybrid Internet and telephone survey. This methodological approach leverages several response technologies and garners responses from various demographic groups while providing a statistically significant result to help inform future policy decisions. While previous biennial surveys have yielded statistically significant results citywide, this will be the first year that the survey will also report results by City Council district. District elections were implemented in part in 2018, with representatives elected from Districts 1, 2, and 4. Districts 3 and 5 will hold their first election in November 2020.

The internet portion of the survey typically is most effective in reaching residents ages 18 to 49, then the telephone survey methodology rounds out the demographic and geographic quotas, as well as capturing interviews with residents age 50 and above, who still prefer telephone surveys. 

You can view previous community survey results on the city website.

Godbe will begin the survey this week (approximately January 8, 2020) and should conclude data collection within 10 days. A full report will be made to the City Council at their upcoming goal-setting session in late January 2020.