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Jan 10

Project Read - Menlo Park Computer Lab Usage Skyrockets

Posted on January 10, 2015 at 4:27 pm by Clay Curtin

Project Read - Menlo Park, the adult literacy program of the Menlo Park Library, is working to combat the digital divide through its computer lab program, which helps adults learn and practice new computer skills while also improving their English. In the past, computer lab use had been sporadic but slowly increasing. However, over the past two years, lab usage doubled, and then quadrupled to over 2,273 hours being spent in the lab by both tutors and learner. This is likely a result of various factors: more people recognizing the need for computer literacy, the growing availability of digital resources, a consistent schedule of dedicated lab volunteers, and the hiring of a coordinator to work solely on strengthening its computer lab program.

The availability of lab tutors has helped learners not only improve and practice their English and computer skills, but also achieve significant personal goals. For example, Lama Jampa passed his US Citizenship test, Larisa Kulikova earned her CA driver’s license, and Margarita Joachin published a book about her journey to America. If just four volunteers and one dedicated staff member can make such an impact, imagine what we could accomplish with more volunteers willing to give their time and experience to help bridge the digital divide. To find out more or to volunteer, please visit Project-Read Menlo Park online.

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