High density residential (R-4-S) projects

On May 21, 2013, the City Council adopted the Housing Element of the City’s General Plan for the planning period between 2007-2014. To implement the Housing Element and create housing opportunities for all income levels, the City Council adopted a new residential zoning district called R-4-S (High Density Residential – Special). 

What is R-4-S zoning?

The R-4-S zoning district includes development regulations as well as design standards specific to the zoning district. Multiple family dwelling units are permitted uses and not subject to discretionary review if all of the development regulations and design standards are met. Instead, the project is reviewed for compliance and a determination is made by the Community Development Director. 

Where are the R-4-S zoned properties located?

Five sites were identified as housing opportunity sites and four sites were subsequently rezoned with the R-4-S designation.  The fifth site identified at the Veterans Affairs Campus was not formally rezoned due to a Federal pre-emption of the City’s land use authority. However, future housing developed at the VA site can be counted towards Menlo Park’s housing stock.

The City recently saw completion of several high density residential projects. To learn more about each project, please visit the project pages.

Recent projects