Station 1300

Project description

Greenheart Land Company is redeveloping a 6.4-acre site at 1300 El Camino Real (El Camino Real and Oak Grove Avenue) with approximately 220,000 square feet of commercial uses and 183 dwelling units. The proposal required approval of Architectural Control for the new buildings, including a Public Benefit Bonus to exceed the Base level Floor Area Ratio and dwelling unit/acre thresholds. The proposal also required consideration under the California Environmental Quality Act

Current status

The project has received all discretionary approvals. Building permits for demolition and preliminary utility work have been issued in April 2017, and the building permit for the basement garage/podium structure was issued in September 2017.

The Planning Commission previously reviewed the project and recommended approval of all project actions on December 12, 2016. Please see the staff report for more information about this review. The Final EIR was made available as of December 1, 2016, as noted on the project's CEQA page. The Housing Commission, Environmental Quality Commission, and Transportation Commission previously reviewed (respectively) the proposed BMR Housing Agreement, Heritage Tree Removal Permits, and proposed changes to on-street parking and bicycle facility design. The City Council fully approved the project in early 2017, as described in more detail in the January 24 staff report and the February 7 staff report.