Derry Mixed-Use Project

Project Description
The applicant, O'Brien at Derry Lane, LLC, proposed to construct a mixed-use development consisting of 108 for-sale housing units and 24,925 square feet of commercial space. The project area comprised 3.45 gross acres on the north side of Oak Grove Avenue between the Caltrain tracks and the commercial properties fronting El Camino Real. The property is currently used for a variety of small retail and service activities, which would have been demolished, and for automobile storage, which would have been eliminated.

The project required the following applications:
  • BMR Agreement
  • Development Agreement
  • Environmental Review
  • Heritage Tree Removal Permit
  • Major Subdivision
  • Planned Development Permit
  • Rescind Previous Approvals and Pursue New Approval for a General Plan Amendment
  • Rezoning
  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment
Required Review
The revised project requires review by the Housing Commission and Planning Commission, and review and approval by the City Council.

The Planning Commission last reviewed this project on March 31, 2008.