Safeway Development Project

Project Description

Safeway has constructed a 65,017-square-foot store with an attached 11,500-square-foot structure containing retail tenant lease spaces for a project total of 76,517 square feet. The store includes outdoor seating and outdoor sales in front of the store. Inside the store, banking, pharmacy, cafe, and a deli are provided. The store operates 24 hours a day and sells alcoholic beverages.

In early 2007, Safeway requested a conditional development permit revision for the approved grocery store and retail services building. The revisions included relocation of the cart storage to the exterior of the building as a result of minor modifications to the interior grocery store layout, an expansion of the grocery store front arcade, a reduction of nine off-street parking spaces, and changes to the exterior colors and sign plan. These requests were reviewed and approved by the City Council on March 13, 2007.

Project History

In 2001 Safeway and the neighborhood began working collaboratively on a design proposal. The project received the required City Council approvals in late 2005. In 2007, Safeway applied for and received a conditional development permit revision.

Current Status

The project has completed construction.

Safeway Documents

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