1706 El Camino Real Medical Office

Current Status
On October 20, 2009, the City Council approved the proposed project.

On July 6, 2010, the City of Menlo Park received an application for a demolition permit for the existing building (formerly Gaylord's Restaurant) located at 1706 El Camino Real. As part of the demolition process, construction fencing has been installed along the perimeter of the property to secure the site restricting pedestrian and vehicular access to the site. However, to ensure adequate pedestrian access around the site, the city will be requiring that several measures be taken, including the clearing of vegetation and patching of the asphalt concrete in existing pedestrian pathways where it does not exist or is damaged adjacent to the property. The intent is to have connection from Buckthorn Way to the existing sidewalk on El Camino Real.

The demolition of the building is expected to begin during the mid-week of July 26, 2010, and is expected to take about a week. Following the demolition activities, the site fencing will remain for safety and security. After demolition of the building and completion of the pedestrian measures, the fence parallel and closest to Buckthorn Way will be moved to the property line eliminating access to the parking lot. At that point in time, signs will be posted prohibiting parking along the El Camino Real and Buckthorn Way frontages of the property consistent with the City Council action on October 20, 2009. These parking changes may create different parking patterns along Buckthorn Way from the businesses located in the building across the street at 1800 El Camino Real. City staff will be considering the parking situation as part of the review of the existing use permits for the 1800 El Camino Real property.

Project Description
The applicant, 1706 El Camino Real, LLC, is proposing to demolish an existing one-story, 6,875 square-foot commercial building (formerly Gaylord's Restaurant) and construct a new two-story, 10,148 square-foot office building for medical / dental office use and the related site improvements at 1706 El Camino Real at the southeast corner of El Camino Real and Buckthorn Way in the C-4 (General Commercial, Applicable to El Camino Real) zoning district.

The proposed project would required the following approvals:
  • Use Permit for construction of a new building
  • Architectural Control for design review of the new building and related site improvements
  • Tentative Map for the creation of 6 medical / office condominium units within the building
  • Environmental Review
Required Review
The proposed project required review by the Planning Commission and review and approval by the City Council.

Environmental Review
An initial study was prepared and determined that the proposed project would have a less than significant impact on the environment, with implementation of mitigation measures. Therefore, a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) was prepared for the proposed project.