966 - 1002 Willow Road

Project Description
The applicant, Jeff Warmoth, is proposing to demolish an existing 2,046-square-foot vacant commercial building and a 1,100-square-foot single-family home to construct 12 new residential units on 3 parcels located at 966, 1000, and 1002 Willow Road. The project site fronts onto the segment of Willow Road that connects to Bay Road. The rear of the project site is adjacent to the right-of-way for the Willow Road off ramp from Highway 101.

The project requires the following applications:
  1. General Plan Amendment: Change from retail / commercial land use designation to high-density residential land use designation;
  2. Rezoning: Change from C-2-B (neighborhood commercial, restrictive) to R-4-X (high-density residential - Conditional Development District);
  3. Zoning Ordinance Amendment: Amend the Conditional Development District to allow projects on properties that are less than 1 acre in size and that exceed the city's Below Market Rate Housing program requirements to apply for the Conditional Development Permit and "X" designation;
  4. Conditional Development Permit: Establish specific development regulations and review architectural designs;
  5. Tentative Subdivision Map: Create 12 lots and associated common areas; and
  6. Mitigated Negative Declaration for the proposed project.
Current Status
The Planning Commission held a study meeting on January 27, 2004 to consider the proposal. Since that time, a traffic study and environmental review have been underway to review the project. The project is tentatively scheduled to go to the Housing Commission on May 4, 2005 and the Planning Commission on June 20, 2005. Please call the project planner or check the website often for updates on future meetings.

Required Review
The proposed project will require review by the Las Pulgas Committee of the Redevelopment Agency, the Housing Commission and the Planning Commission, and review and approval by the City Council.